what is the defense base act

Frequently Asked Questions About Defense Base Act Claims

The Defense Base Act is an important federal law protecting government contractors working overseas. But what is the Defense Base Act, and who does it cover? Understanding your rights under this act is extremely important if you work for a

loss of consortium florida

Loss of Consortium in Florida Wrongful Death Claims

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or recklessness of another, you know that your emotional losses far outweigh your financial losses. However, it’s important to find the best accident lawyer in Boca Raton to help

Maritime Injuries and Accidents

Types of Maritime Injuries and Accidents

Have you suffered an injury while working on a ship? All maritime workers understand the dangers associated with their line of work. Despite the existence of these dangers, no one expects the worst to happen. When maritime injuries occur, speak

Burn Pits In Iraq: What To Do If You Have Been Exposed

Combat violence is not the only threat to your health if you work on a U.S. military base. Routine maintenance on a military base can also cause you significant harm. Among the harmful maintenance measures recently used by the U.S.

Death on the High Seas

Death on the High Seas Act

Unfortunately, deaths occurring on the high seas are not uncommon. With maritime workers in such a dangerous line of work, family members may experience unfathomable loss. The Death on the High Seas Act ensures that maritime workers and their family

the jones act and cruise ships

The Jones Act & Cruise Ships: What You Need To Know

A cruise ship is portrayed as a floating oasis, a place to escape stress and relax in the sun. However, that image doesn’t always live up to expectations, especially for workers. Cruise ship employees often experience grueling working conditions with

Defense Base Act & COPD: Do You Qualify For Benefits?

When your COPD diagnosis and health struggles are because of your work overseas, we are here to help.  At any given time, there are tens of thousands of personnel working overseas under government contracts. As a civilian contractor, you are

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