If you know someone that has suffered burn injuries while serving their country, they may be entitled to a DBA claim. You deserve compensation for medical expenses and lost wages if you were working for a federal contractor. With years of experience, Our nationally recognized DBA lawyers can provide you a free consultation. Contact Now and we will fight to make sure you can get maximum compensation that you deserve. 

What is Defense Base Act Insurance?

The Defense Base Act – DBA is a compensation program that covers any medical treatment, lost wages or even death of certain contractors. Any civilian working for a defense contractor who has been injured on duty overseas is eligible for the claim. The employees that can claim compensation under the DBA are those that are:

  • working on offshore military bases
  • working on offshore construction sites funded by US Government
  • working offshore as essential personnel to US National Security 
  • working for a federal subcontractor

Burns Are a Common Injury for Federal Contractors

Amongst the most common injuries that workers report are burns of varying degrees. Burn injuries have been reported by many employees that have been working for private defense contractors. Most do not know that they are entitled to a DBA claim when inflicted with burn injuries. With one of the best lawyers that have years of experience dealing with DBA claims, find out how we can help.  

The Most Common Causes of Burns for Government Contractors

Amongst the burns reported by federal workers on government contract, these are the most common causes:

  • Electrical – Accidents involving shock or current
  • Chemical – Working with toxic substances or gasoline 
  • Thermal – Directly or indirectly working with Explosives
  • Radiation – working with radioactive substances or elements
  • Inhalation – burning of chemicals or waste

These burns vary in degrees and can be caused by a number of reasons. Any other burn inflicted while carrying out a job, such as on a military base, is also covered in the DBA Claim. Your defense base act attorney can give you professional advice on what you can claim

Types of Burns and The Damage They Can Cause

Burns are categorized in three separate degrees as per their intensity. First-degree burns are categorized as those that affect only the top layer of the skin. The injuries can normally be treated through first aid. Second-degree burns are much more serious, and the burn penetrates the second skin layer. The burn leads to splinters and can cause the area to be extremely red. 

Third-degree burns are severe cases that lead to permanent scaring and additional medical complications. The burns can damage parts or all layers of a victim’s skin while also penetrating the underlying bone or soft tissue. It is extremely painful, and victims most likely go through multiple medical procedures to recover. 

Burns Can Require Serious and Expense Medical Treatments

If you have a loved one that has gone through the terrible pain of enduring burns, they should get medical assistance. Unfortunately, in most cases of serious burns, it becomes impossible for a victim to recover fully. Many overseas contractors struggle with PTSD after a burn injury.

For any victim, the problems do not stop with the injury. Medical costs such as burn treatments and skin grafts are all part of the painful healing procedure. Worrying about how you will pay for treatment yourself is the last thing that should cross your mind. National DBA Lawyers are your friends in this time of need. 

How Can Our National DBA Lawyers Help with Your Burn Injury Claim?

Our nationally recognized DBA Lawyers can review your case for free and guide you on the compensation you can claim. Along with the best burn injury doctors, a victim also needs a qualified attorney to assess the claims they are entitled to. You are entitled to compensation under the Defense Base Act or DBA. 

Has your case been assessed by a professional? If not, contact National DBA lawyers and receive a free consultation from one of the best DBA claim attorneys nationwide.  

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