Doctors and nurses have a responsibility to take care of their patients. Unfortunately, when these healthcare professionals fail in their duties, the consequences can be dire.

Expensive medical bills, injuries, and emotional turmoil are just a few of the consequences of medical malpractice. If you believe you or a loved one is a victim, read this guide. Our attorneys use their vast experience to teach you how to find a good lawyer in Florida for medical malpractice. And if you are ready to make your claim, don’t hesitate to call our experienced team today.

Start Your Search for Medical Injury Lawyer Right Away

You should start your search for a lawyer as soon as you suspect medical malpractice is at play. Being proactive will help you and your family promptly get the compensation you deserve.

Acting quickly will also ensure your case is valid in court. The Florida statute of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits is two years from the discovery of the injury or four years from when the malpractice occurred. The two exceptions to this statute are:

  • If the healthcare provider was aware of their negligence and covered it up. In this case, you would have two years from the discovery of the injury or seven years from when the malpractice occurred to file a lawsuit.
  • If the victim was a minor and their case began on or before their eighth birthday.

While time is of the essence, you shouldn’t pick the first attorney you come across. You need to find a lawyer who is deeply familiar with Florida law and can work fast. That’s where our team comes in. With our years of expertise, we can increase the chances of your case going to court and receiving a positive outcome. Contact us today to learn more about our expert legal services.

Get Familiar With Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Florida

Medical malpractice lawsuits can be complicated. They differ from other civil cases in Florida in that you can’t simply file your claim. You must jump through many hoops before appearing in court. 

If you want to improve the chances of a judge hearing your case, you need an expert attorney by your side. Contact us today to enlist the help of the state’s top-tier legal team. 

Obtain an Affidavit for Your Claim

If you wish to pursue a medical malpractice claim in Florida, you must obtain an affidavit from a healthcare professional. The expert must be in a field related to the injury, thoroughly review the patient’s medical records, and conclude that medical negligence has occurred. Our team will work with the appropriate healthcare professional to quickly obtain this sworn affidavit and proceed with your claim.

Notify the Potential Defendant of Your Intent to Sue

Florida law requires you to notify the potential defendant of your intent to file. We take care of this process by sending a certified letter and handling all communication with the defendant.

Navigate the 90-Day Investigation Period

Once we notify the defendant, the mandatory 90-day investigation period begins. We will exchange information with the defendant, ask questions, and learn everything we can to best represent you.

The 90-day investigation period is required as it helps weed out cases that won’t hold in court. Ideally, this period will help you and the defendant come to an agreement. It’s possible for the defendant to recognize their negligence and admit fault. In this case, you would get to avoid the turmoil of a court proceeding while still holding the doctor or nurse accountable for their actions.

Court Proceedings for Medical Negligence

Unfortunately, healthcare professionals often do not admit fault during the investigation period. The next step is to go to court, where our team will provide our expert representation. We present all of our findings and work to ensure that the jury produces a positive outcome.

Tips on How to Find a Good Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney

Searching for an attorney who will act fast and is familiar with Florida law is a good start. Here are more tips on how to find top rated accident attorney in Boca Raton, FL for medical malpractice:

Ask for Recommendations

Perhaps the best way to find a great lawyer is by asking for recommendations. See if family members or friends have had a good experience with a medical malpractice attorney. This personal connection can give you the reassurance you need to put your case in the hands of a total stranger.

We’re proud to say that many of our clients refer us to friends and family. If you want an attorney that locals trust, contact us today.

Check Online Reviews

We understand that you may not know someone who’s had to handle a medical malpractice lawsuit. Fortunately, online reviews are the next best thing. Check ratings across different social media sites to ensure you get the full picture.

For a firm with glowing online testimonials, contact us today.

Check the Florida Bar

When you find an attorney you want to work with, search for their name on the Florida Bar website. You can not only see if they are certified to practice law in Florida but also their reprimands from the Florida Bar. You’ll want to work with a team like ours that has a clean record.

Meet With Potential Attorneys in Person

An attorney can seem good on paper, but you should meet them in person. A face-to-face meeting allows you to ask questions and clear up doubts. Our team is eager to sit down and discuss your case — contact us today!

A Good Lawyer For Your Medical Claim in Florida

This guide on how to find a good lawyer in Florida for medical malpractice should help you prepare for your lawsuit. If you want the best representation for your claim, call today! We are ready to meet with you and get started on this time-sensitive process. With us, you can rest knowing you and your family are in good hands.

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