Were You’re Injured While Working as a US Contractor?

Before you hire an attorney
Notify Your Employer Immediately

Notice should be given to your immediate supervisor that you have been hurt. Your employer should complete a DOL LS-201 “Notice of Employees Injury or Death” form. If your employer refuses to complete the form to report your injury, call us immediately.


Important Factors


Medical Treatment

Request authority from your employer for treatment by the physician you choose. Research the Internet or ask friends and relatives for the best doctor in the area where you live. In an emergency, or if you are unable to contact your employer, go to the nearest hospital, clinic, or a physician, but be sure to let your employer know as soon as possible. Make sure to attend all scheduled medical and physical therapy appointments and make sure you are open and honest with your doctor about any past injuries. Your employer is responsible even if you aggravated a preexisting illness, disease, physical or emotional condition.


If you are disabled more than 3 days, contact your employer for payment of compensation. Benefits are payable 14 days after your employer has knowledge of injury.

Telephonic Interviews

Your employer will most likely call you to schedule a telephone conference/interview. Before you arrange the interview, call us.


The law requires you to give written notice of injury (Form LS-201) to your employer and to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) within 30 days of your injury. Additional time may be allowed for certain hearing loss and occupational disease claims.
Notice should be sent to the District Director at one of the following addresses:

OWCP/DLHWC, P.O. Box 249,
New York, NY 10014-0249, USA

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