Work Related Benzene Exposure and AML

Defense Base Act Claims Involving Acute Myeloid Leukemia


Our Longshore and Defense Base Act LAw Firm handles claims arising from exposure to toxic chemicals including jet fuel and other products containing benzene.

Under the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act (LHWCA) and its extension, the Defense Base Act, where an employment-related injury aggravates, accelerates or combines with an infirmity, disease or underlying condition that itself is unrelated to work, the entire resulting disability is compensable and covered by the Act. Whether a disease or illness is acquired through a predisposing chromosomal abnormality by which the exposure accelerates or aggravates the illness, the entire illness, including such diseases as acute myeloid leukemia are compensable. Of course, the Act covers those individuals who have environmentally acquired (as opposed to genetically inherited) AML.

These cases are hotly contested as the cost of treating AML is very expensive (hospitalizations including bone marrow transplants) and, unfortunately, the prognosis in certain individuals is poor. Therefore, our dba compensation law firm has been dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers and their surviving spouses and dependent children where the illness results in disability or death.

Our firm works with the top experts in the country to support our proof of causation due to exposure in the workplace. Please contact our attorneys to schedule a free telephone conference. 

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