Do I Qualify for DBA Benefits?

When your war is over, Ours is just beginning.

If you are an employee of a civilian contractor injured while working under a U.S. Government contract anywhere in the world, we can help you.



You may Qualify if

The Defense Base Act affords compensation benefits and medical benefits to those engaged in employment, such as:

Civilian Contractor

Civilian contractors working in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Kuwait, or anywhere else in the world under a U.S. government contract.

U.S. Base

Any military, air, or naval base acquired by the United States.

U.S. Occupied or Used Land

Upon land occupied or used by the government for military or naval purposes in any territory or possession outside the continental United States.

Outside Continental U.S.

Any public work in any territory or possession outside the continental United States if the employee is engaged under the contract of a contractor with the United States.

Important Notice
Were you Diagnosed with AML?

Our Longshore and Defense Base Act practice includes claims arising from exposure to toxic chemicals including jet fuel and other products containing benzene.

Where do you reside?
Depending ON your Residence, Your Case May Be Handled Differently

Live in the U.S.?

For injured workers residing in the United States your Defense Base Act claim will be handled by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs District Directors in the following cities: Boston • Chicago • Dallas • Cleveland Jacksonville • Denver • New York • Norfolk • Philadelphia • San Francisco • Kansas City Seattle • Washington, D.C

Outside the U.S.?

Through modern technology, we are equipped to attend conferences with you, key witnesses and experts all around the world. Our office is equipped with a state-of-the-art video teleconferencing system which allows us to take video depositions anywhere in the world. For clients with Skype we can be reached at howards.grossman, Facetime or WhatsApp.

You Are Not Alone
By The Numbers
civilian contractor deaths from 2009-2019

The DOD contract PERSONNEL in the Iraq and Afghanistan theater

Of DOD’s combined contractor and uniformed PERSONNEL workforce in the CENTCOM

For the fourth quarter of fiscal year (FY) 2018, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) reported 49,451 contractor personnel working for DOD within its area of responsibility, which included:

individuals located in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria
DOD contractor personnel were located in Afghanistan.


0 %
of DOD’s reported individual contractors were. U.S. citizens
0 %
were third-country nationals, and 14% were local nationals

Of the 25,239 DOD contractor personnel, about 9% were armed private security contractors (2,397)

As of May 2019, observers and analysts estimated the number of U.S. Armed Forces personnel in Afghanistan to be between 14,000 and 15,000.

Where do you reside?
Other common qualifiers

Have you been exposed to burn pits?

Breathing dust, fumes, and other toxic substances from burn pits, exposed troops, contractors, and civilians deployed overseas to serious health hazards.

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Amboy, IL – $650,000
Canton, MS – $350,000
Chantilly, VA – $500,000
Chattanooga, TN – $1,200,000
Colorado Springs, CO – $600,000
Emmet, ID – $650,000
Enid, OK – $300,000
Enterprise, AL – $450,000
French Lick, IN – $610,000
Happy Jack, AZ – $403,000
Huntington, VT – $665,000
Jackson, WI – $350,000
Las Vegas, NV – $460,000
Lawrenceville, GA – $1,200,000
Marysville, WA – $573,000
Miami, FL – $1,000,000
Moncks Corner, SC – $199,500
Mount Camel, UT – $425,000
North Wales, PA – $475,000
Oak Leaf, TX – $750,000
Providence, KY – $137,000
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – $1,400,000
Rotterdam, NY – $500,000
Roxboro, NC – $620,000
Saint Albans, WV – $600,000
Sinton, TX – $700,000
Springfield, MO – $695,000
Topeka, KS – $400,000

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