Truck Crashes

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If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a truck accident, we can help. Our attorneys are experienced in the investigation and prosecution of trucking accident claims. We are known for our responsiveness, thorough and hands-on litigation style, investigative and negotiating skills and our accessibility to our clients. We go wherever you need us to be.

To protect your legal rights following catastrophic injury or death due to a truck accident, it is wise to consult a personal injury law firm with experience in truck accident lawsuits as soon as possible. Within the first week, important physical evidence can be lost, and witnesses may become hard to find. Our lawyers swiftly consult experts such as accident reconstruction experts to gather facts and begin a thorough and far-reaching investigation. Our truck accident attorneys speak with and take depositions from eye-witnesses and company employees. We leave no stone unturned. Once our investigation of the truck crash is complete, we head into settlement negotiations or to trial with evidence on our side.

Truck drivers break federal laws by driving

While fatigued​

In excess of the number of hours they are allowed to drive​

At an excessive speed​

With overloaded or oversized trucks​

Improperly maintained trucks​

Damages that we will pursue for our truck accident victims and the victims’ family
What they are entitled to recover may include
Our attorneys and expert truck accident reconstructionists make use of the following types of informational tools to properly prepare our client’s cases

We work on a contingent fee basis, which means that there is never a fee or costs that you have to pay unless we successfully resolve your truck accident case.

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