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At Grossman Attorneys, we’ve represented cruise ship passengers who have sustained trips and falls in hot tubs, over fire door thresholds, changes in elevations, design defects, falling objects, shore side excursions and food poisoning/outbreaks of Norwalk Virus and Legionella. We have litigated personal injury claims against Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival Corporation, Norweigan Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, and Holland America to name a few.

Our maritime attorneys are experienced in the investigation and prosecution of cruise ship passenger injury and wrongful death claims. We are known for our responsiveness, thorough, and hands-on litigation style, investigative and negotiating skills, and our accessibility to our clients. We go wherever you need us to be.

If you have been injured while vacationing on a cruise ship,

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contractual terms

In consideration of payment, you, the passenger, received a written contract of passage. The forum selection clauses (which designates where a lawsuit must be filed) on cruise tickets are enforceable. Most of the major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival, require that lawsuits be filed within one (1) year of the date of injury, with written notice to the cruise line of the circumstances surrounding the incident and injury, here, in Miami, Florida. Our maritime lawyers routinely represent Florida residents, and non-Florida residents alike, in maritime injury lawsuits in Miami, Florida.

Our Florida cruise ship injury lawyers have experience in litigating all types of injuries sustained on a cruise ship, including:

  1. Disney Cruise Line requires suit be brought in Brevard County, Florida.
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