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10 Tips for Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident

find a lawyer after a car accident
find a lawyer after a car accident

After a car accident, hiring a lawyer may not be your priority—but it should be. You first want to ensure the well-being of yourself and your family. You may even wonder how you’re going to get to work or school the next day. But before long, bills start piling up and you realize how important hiring a car accident lawyer is. 

Even a fender-bender can cause months of negotiations and possible litigation with insurance companies. Don’t do it alone. Hiring a lawyer for a car accident can help you navigate this confusing system and get you on the road to recovery.

At Grossman Attorneys at Law, we have compiled the top 10 tips for hiring a lawyer after a collision, to make it easy to find a great car accident lawyer.

  1. Prepare to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Before You Ever Have an Accident

As grandma used to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When you buy a new car, your teen begins to drive, or your elderly parents decide to stay on the road, do a quick scan of local car accident lawyers. Teens and the elderly are most at risk for car accidents. Become familiar with a few of your local car accident lawyer options long before you or your loved one ever has a crash. 

At Grossman Attorneys at Law, we are respected car accident lawyers with offices all over the state of Florida. Our team of responsive lawyers and paralegals can help your family recover from a car or motorcycle accident.

  1. Seek Recommendations from Family and Friends

Don’t hesitate to ask your network about how to find a lawyer after a car accident. At Grossman Attorneys at Law, we’ve worked with people across Florida and beyond who have been wronged in car accidents, and we are eager to help you too.

  1. Schedule Consultations with a Variety of Car Accident Lawyers

Don’t settle for less than the right attorney. Most car accident attorneys offer free consultations. Some unique situations requiring immediate attention may prevent shopping around for legal advice. In fact, that is one reason why tip number one is so helpful. If you do your legwork before anyone is in a crash, you’ll know who to call if the need should ever arise. So if you can, take your time to find a lawyer either before or after a car accident. 

At Grossman Attorneys at Law, we are happy to consult with you about your case and discuss ways we might be able to aggressively pursue recovery for you.

  1. Understand What Fees You May Be Responsible For

Some car accident lawyers work on a “contingency basis.” This means they are paid through a percentage of whatever amount of money you recover. Sometimes, however, you will be asked to pay for certain fees along the way, like filing fees. Make sure you understand what the fee arrangement is upfront, so there are no surprises.

  1. Organize All Your Car Accident Information

Have your information ready to discuss with your lawyer. Important car accident information can include:

  • Your car and medical insurance policies;
  • The police report from the accident;
  • Photographs from the accident (if any exist);
  • Contact information of witnesses to the accident;
  • Any medical bills you paid;
  • Any medical bills outstanding; and
  • Any other information about the accident you have.

Having all this information in one place can make it easier for a lawyer to assess your case. This can help you find a car accident lawyer who can best help you recover.

  1. Choose a Car Accident Lawyer You Trust

Trust between lawyer and client is essential. If you’re not sure that your lawyer is acting in your best interest, they’re not the best lawyer for you. If your lawyer refuses to provide you with a retainer agreement (sometimes called a contingency fee agreement or a service contract, depending on your fee arrangement), this can be a problem. Hiring a lawyer for a car accident can be tricky, but finding one you trust is key.

  1. Communicate Openly With Your Lawyer

Part of the reason you must trust your lawyer is you’ll need to tell them everything about your accident. Were you texting while driving? You’ll need to tell your lawyer. Were you not wearing a seatbelt? Tell your lawyer. The more honest you are upfront, the better chance your lawyer has of getting you the recovery your case warrants. 

Our team at Grossman Attorneys at Law are not only skilled litigators and negotiators, we are also experienced car accident investigators. Do not hesitate to contact us. Determining fault can be complicated, and hiring a car accident lawyer who will fight for you is key to your recovery.

  1. Expect That the Negotiation and Settlement Process Will Take Time

After a car accident, it can take days, months, or even years to settle a claim. The good news is that claims are higher than ever before. The bad news is that it takes longer to settle than ever before. Hiring a car accident lawyer that you trust can help you navigate this process and recover what you deserve in the quickest possible time frame. 

  1. Take Care of Your Mind and Body Throughout the Process

It goes without saying that taking care of your mind and body is an important part of recovering from a car accident. Hiring a car accident lawyer is one piece of making you whole after a collision. Getting physical and emotional help is very important. Find a car accident lawyer who recognizes the importance of ensuring your medical care is a priority. 

  1. Help Your Lawyer Get the Best Result for You

After a car accident, you may be shaken up and overwhelmed, but it’s also important to be a good client. Be available to your lawyer, answer their questions honestly, and provide all requested information. Helping your lawyer move your case forward can get you the best result faster.

We Are Here for You

Hiring a car accident lawyer can seem overwhelming at first. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Grossman Attorneys at Law can help you navigate what to do after a car accident. We are always available to speak with you about your case—night or day—so contact us today. 


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